The Unicorn King

This Story

"The Unicorn King" is the story of young rhinoceros from the grasslands of Nepal, who defies all odds by befriending a local boy from the local community. Her inner struggle for survival is matched by her friendship with a boy and his outer struggle with restless poacher, kale, and his gang who killed his Mother for her horn now threatens the lives of her species. Her journey takes her down the path of survival, struggle and forgiveness--to find the peace and her habitat where she wants to live and le live.

A Script is Born

In 2002 alone, 37 the Great one-Horned Rhinoceros were poached and killed for its horn! The extraordinary effort of the conservation was hampered by long political conflict in the country. This conflict and consequently the fast dwindling number of this great beasts inspired Suyogya Man Tuladhar to explore feature script ideas -- beginning with a gruesome and ruthless decimation of Mother Rhino and the pain and agony carried by her sibling -- Ramkali to eventually forgive mankind for their crimes and let go of revenge it seeks all along. This idea evolved into a single character - a melancholic calf, naturally armed with a deadly Sharp curved Horn, grows up to seek revenge for the crime