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Fire Studios [FS], Kathmandu, NEPAL was founded by Suyogya Man Tuladhar the pioneer in industrializing Animation in Nepal and Dibesh Maskey, a visionary responsible for setting quality benchmark in animation . With a vision to create an animation and vfx facility with talent pool of artistic and technical talents, FireStudios mission is to entertain and fascinate the world with an exciting and unique range of stories and characters through animation, thus bringing imagination to Life! The production facility, located in Kathmandu, Nepal, currently employs 35 artists with more than ten years of experience team backed by an IT support team.

FIRE Studios envisages growing to a size of 300 artists by the year 2019. It plans to produce Digital content with a focus in 3D Animation for Television series, Feature Films, Games, Commercials and Visual Effects. FS is also geared up to foray into Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

FIRE is currently looking to expand its size to compete for larger projects and establish itself as a regional player in the South Asian market. While FIRE enjoys a cost advantage compared to its Asian counterparts, it prepares to scale up production, training and incubation capabilities to take on larger, higher value projects. It seeks to expand its current CG and VFX through its training partner BlackBox Academy to address this need for the long term.

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